The Road to Financial Success

Innovative Finance Education for the Next Generation

Who we are?

Eliora Education, founded by Mario Fischel, Ph.D., retired former World Bank manager of financial advisory services in Asia, currently financial advisor and EdTech entrepreneur living in Israel

What is our vision?

To make personal finance attractive and accessible for young people, overcome barriers by making it:

(a) easy

(b) fun

(c) relevant

Whom is it for?

Leading global finance education companies and financial service providers targeting the next generation of customers. We offer customized versions of our products and develop specialized solutions to support their training and business development programs

The Road to Financial Success has 4 separate but complementary components:

Board Game

Fun group activity where players learn to lay the foundations for a successful future by making savvy financial and life decisions

Online Game

An engaging app that simulates real-life decisions on education, career, investing, etc. in a fun and interactive way

Online Course & Test

Basic principles of personal finance made accessible to all: clear and concise lessons, multiple choice questions conveying theoretical knowledge and practical application

Exam & Certification

Basic and advanced level exams allowing to assess and certify mastery of financial principles

Online Game

The Road to Riches app simulates real-life financial decisions in a fun and interactive way.

Players go through key life stages and try to achieve financial independence through long-term planning and smart choices.

A fun introduction to life and financial decisions. Click here to try our Demo:

Board Game

Road to Riches is an educational board game for use at home and in classrooms in which players compete against one another to lay the foundations for a successful future by making savvy financial and life decisions.

“It was great to learn how finance works in real life in a fun and engaging way!”

Created in partnership with teachers and Financial Times journalists, Road To Riches has been successfully tested with secondary school and university students in the UK.

Financial Literacy 101: Online Course & Test

Financial literacy made easy and accessible for all! This crash course explains the main principles and their practical application in a quick and straightforward manner. The test allows students to build their knowledge in a structured manner, check their progress, and demonstrate proficiency.

“This course teaches the basic things I need to know about finance to take ownership of my life!”

Financial Literacy Aptitude: Certification

After studying the online course and practicing the MCQ, students can attempt the test in exam mode to attain certification. Candidates have 15 minutes to complete each level and must achieve an 80% pass rate.

Studying and passing the Financial Literacy Aptitude Test (FLATTM) allows students to:

  • Gain essential knowledge for making smart personal and financial decisions
  • Understand the basics of money, budgeting and investing
  • Demonstrate proficiency to teachers, employers, lenders, etc.

Benefits for Partners

We design attractive and innovative products that help attract and engage the next generation of customers:

For financial institutions:

  1. Attract the next generation of customers
  2. Enhance interactions with more confident customers
  3. Build customer profiles and tailor offering to them
  4. Offer more sophisticated products to the financially savvy

For educational institutions:

  1. Attract new students to finance courses
  2. Offer structured training based on students’ needs and progress
  3. Demonstrate impact of training
  4. Enable students to demonstrate proficiency to employers, bankers, etc.

What we offer?

We work with major global companies, including investment firms, FinTechs, and educational institutions, to develop financial learning solutions and market development tools that are branded and tailored to their needs.

To learn about opportunities for partner institutions, please send inquiries to: