Road to Financial Independence

The Financial Education Toolkit for Everybody!

Learn the secrets of financial success in less than 10 hours!

In collaboration with teachers and students in the UK, we’ve developed a financial education toolkit that is easy to follow and focuses on what is really critical to know:  “The Road to Financial Independence!”

Achieving financial independence is a major concern for young people today as stable jobs have become rare, housing hard to afford, education expensive and a lifelong task, budgets stretched, and financial security elusive.

“I need to know the basics of finance so I can fend for myself and build the future I want!

“Provides a great foundation that equips young people to then go on to do their own guided research.

Young people know that this is critical, but are not attracted to the subject and have many competing demands on their time.  The way finance is taught makes it unnecessarily tedious and complicated.


Our toolkit includes 4 components that can be used separately or in combination:

  • Road to Riches group learning game developed in partnership between Eliora Education and The Financial Times, London
  • Essential Financial Literacy online course
  • Financial Literacy Aptitude test and certificate
  • Lesson plans for classrooms and seminars

Road to Riches is an educational board game for use at home and in classrooms in which players compete against one another to lay the foundations for a successful future by making savvy financial and life decisions.

Created in partnership with teachers and Financial Times journalists, Road To Riches has been successfully tested with secondary school and university students in the UK.

“It was great to learn how finance works in real life
in a fun and engaging way!”

Essential Financial Literacy

This crash course explains the main principles in a quick and practical manner.  Learn all you need to know in less than 10 hours by reading our clear and concise Learning Book, practicing the multiple choice questions, then taking the test to earn the Financial Literacy Aptitude CertificateTM!

The knowledge gained will give you the tools and confidence to make smart financial and life decisions – whether it’s going to university, choosing a career, deciding to rent or buy, or investing your savings.

Financial Literacy Aptitude Test and CertificateTM

After studying the online course and practising the MCQ, try to pass the test in exam mode to earn the certificate!  You have 15 minutes to complete each level, must pass the Basic before the Advanced level, and need to achieve an 80% pass rate.

Studying and passing the FLACTM will help you:

  1. Acquire essential knowledge for smart financial decisions
  2. Gain confidence to manage your money successfully
  3. Understand the basics of budgeting and investing
  4. Demonstrate proficiency to teachers, bankers, and employers

This will lead to smarter financial decisions and better job prospects. Demonstrating mastery of the core principles of finance is essential for jobs in the financial sector and for all those that require a basic grasp of investments and budgets.

Lesson Plans

Lesson plans have been designed for teachers in three core subjects:  Education & Careers, Budgeting & Saving, and Investing Basics.

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The Road to Financial Independence has been developed by Dr. Mario Fischel, a retired World Bank senior economist and financial education expert, in collaboration with Mr. Krishan Puvvada, Project lead for education at The Financial Times, London.