The test includes over 300 theoretical and practical questions covering each lesson of the course. Before attempting to pass the test in exam mode, you should study and rehearse in practice mode:

  • Select which of the 11 subjects you want to take (can be basic or advanced)
  • Review the relevant lesson from the Learning Book
  • Go through the questions one by one, select response, then view correct answer and explanation
  • Your score for the subject is updated and displayed on the answer page
  • You can enter and exit anytime and take as many subjects as you want

Investing Practice

Advanced Practice


Financial Literacy Aptitude Test and CertificateTM
After studying the online course and practising the MCQ, try to pass the test in exam mode to earn the certificate!
You have 15 minutes to complete each level, must pass the Basic before the Advanced level, and need to achieve an 80% pass rate.