Road to Financial Independence: the financial literacy toolkit for the next generation!

  • Foundations of  personal finance taught in less than 10 hours
  • Short and sharp online course and test leading to a certificate
  • Stimulates interest in further study  of finance and economics
  • Gives students the tools and confidence to take financial decisions

The Road to Financial Independence has 4 separate but complementary components:

Learning Game

Fun group activity where players learn to lay the foundations for a successful future by making savvy financial and life decisions

Online Course

Key principles made easy to understand: clear and concise booklet, multiple choice questions testing both theoretical and practical knowledge

Test and Certificate

Basic and advanced level tests allowing students to earn the Financial Literacy Aptitude CertificateTM

Educators’ Guide

Guide for lecturers in the basic subjects of Education & Careers, Budgeting & Saving, and Investing Basics

The Road To Riches game and educational materials have been developed in partnership between The Financial Times and Eliora Education.

Engage the Next Generation!

Ideal tool for financial institutions:

  • New markets: attracting future customers
  • Enhanced brand: building trust and long-term relationships
  • Greater returns: increased confidence of customers to take financial decision
  • Improved image: promoting responsible financial behaviour

Perfect addition for educational institutions:

  • Extended offering: creating accessible course teaching the basics of finance
  • Future interest: creating appetite for further study of finance and economics
  • Empowered students: helping youths take ownership of their financial lives
  • Guaranteed results: offering tools developed and tested with students

Contact us for collaboration and partnerships:

We seek to collaborate with friends and partners who share our objective of promoting financial literacy education for the young. This could include joint product development, branding, marketing, etc.

Please contact us for further details.