Road to Riches

Road To Riches has been developed in partnership between Eliora Educational Games and The Financial Times. is free for secondary schools worldwide. Teachers at UK schools can register for a free copy of Road to Riches.


Road To Riches is a board game for ages 15+. It can be played by up to 8 players. A typical game lasts 45 minutes.

You need to build a secure financial future by investing in education, a home, retirement plan, and insurance. You also need to accumulate savings and make shrewd investments.

All along game play, your financial savvy is tested through knowledge questions about basic financial principles, and how you respond to changing news. Be smart, think ahead, don’t put all your eggs in one basket (especially one with holes…). And beware: as in real life, unpredictable events – or tricky opponents – can upset the most well thought-out plans…

Uses of Road to Riches

Road To Riches has been designed for both home and classroom use:

  • Enables teachers to stimulate interest of students and cover essential principles through a simple and entertaining game. Students play in teams, compete, and discuss ideas.
  • Creates a fun context for parents to start a conversion with their children about money and the consequences of financial decisions they make
  • Makes for fun-filled game playing sessions with friends and family, trying to outwit each other on the road to financial success.
  • It is a great addition to any training course on financial or economic subjects, allowing participants to apply knowledge acquired in a competitive and collaborative setting.